Our Mission

Our Culture

Our Mission is to leave everything better than we found it - ourselves, our members, our members' results and experience, and the planet.

We're all about having fun while getting consistent results.

Our Values

Our Promise

At Elevated we believe that your core values say a lot about you and what you can expect from the people who hold them true. These are our core values:

Our clients are everything. We believe that you have the right to consistent expectations no matter who is greeting you, teaching your class, or handing you a towel.

  • Be a good egg
  • Be better
  • Have fun
  • Leave it better than you found it. Leave a positive impact on everything.
  • Truly ELEVATE each member's life in and out of the gym.
  • Don't just hear, listen. Listen to the planet. Listen to one another. Listen to your body. Listen.
  • ... while remaining profitable enough to make a positive impact on the community and provide economic dignity to our staff
  • Service, results, respect, and timeliness are their own guarantee. We're not on "Tahoe Time"
  • No newer member will ever pay less and memberships in good standing will never increase in price
  • We're never suckered in by the new and trendy, we'll Only deliver results-driven, science-based training
  • Efficiency in everything: a reason for every movement, piece of equipment used, etc.
  • Every person equals a relationship that's special and unique. Only build lifelong relationships
  • Everything is connected, so we connect everything from the environment to physical, mental, and emotional health



Elevated Fitness is the best gym in Tahoe, voted so 8 years running.  We’re a top-notch, unrivaled training facility.  If you want to get strong, move well and have fun, we’re the gym for you!  Every team training offers a personal training experience session in a motivating group environment.  Everything is guided and supervised so you get the best results without getting injured.  And most importantly, it’s FUN!

Plus, we’re green!  How, you may ask?  We convert human energy into usable electricity.  Keeping our usage low with eco-friendly equipment enables us to produce more electricity than we use, making us the only carbon-neutral gym in the U.S.!  After a tough workout, you'll leave feeling good about yourself and your impact on the planet.  How cool is that?!

With over 30 combined years of training experience, our management staff are not your "weekend certified" flunkies. As "trainer's trainers", we hold a list of impressive certifications as long as your arm (MS, RDN, CSCS, CES, ISSA, ACE, AFFA, NATA, NSCA, RKC, USAW, TRX, CAT, PNCN, PowerPlate, Pilates*), What do all of those science-y letters mean? Well basically, it means we know what the heck we're doing and know how to get results safely, efficiently, and effectively and are among the most qualified in the nation to do so.