Registration Ends

If you missed this Challenge, fear not! We will have another Transformation Challenge soon.

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It's time to TRANSFORM!! Start now and in 6 weeks you'll be *10 to 24* pounds leaner, be STRONGER, have GREAT arms, KILLER legs, and a BUTT that won't quit! Registration ends 9/3/18.

Everything You Need to Succeed

  • Slash 10 to 24 pounds of fat without counting calories
  • Get you back in those jeans that make your ass look great
  • Lose 3-7 inches from your waist
  • Full Meal Plan with Recipes and Shopping List
  • Unlimited Dietitian Access with log reviews and counseling
  • Look and feel SOOO much better naked!
  • 1st Place Prize=Summit Training Upgrade - $399 Value

Who Is This Challenge For?

  • Anyone craving AMAZING RESULTS
  • Anyone who wants to KICK FAT's ASS for GOOD
  • Anyone who wants to be a BADASS
  • EVERYONE! That means NEW and EXISTING Members

Who is This Challenge NOT For?

  • Anyone who thinks hours on the treadmill is the only way to lose weight
  • Anyone who thinks weights make you "big" or "bulky"
  • Anyone who thinks taking a "magic pill" to lose weight is a good idea